Update -15 March 2020

Dear supporters,

Well, we came to our senses and have deferred and delayed our visit to Nepal until the airline and border situations are resolved over COVID 19. We realise that “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem”. Everyone, even those in Nepal, seem to agree that this was a sensible decision. We will go as soon as it seems like a positive thing to do.

Meanwhile we are very encouraged by the charity registration of the Nepal-based not-for-profit organization, “Mauka Nepal“ ('mauka means opportunity) which will now be our key local partner. It is led by four Nepalis who have been supported in the past by Nepali Family. We continue to work online and by phone with Mauka Nepal to make sure we are all on the same page, and they are ready and able to see that all the children are supported, especially as it is now the new school year in Nepal.

We are transferring support funds as required and hope all our friends will continue to help us to fund all the school and college students at this time and help to initiate the new Skills Training Centre as a key service. The main aim of the Centre is to provide skills that will enable poor young people, (especially girls who are liable to be deserted), to support themselves and their children. Most jobs in Nepal are done inside families and the destitute find most difficulty in getting paid work. With marketable skills they can make a living.

We intend to continue to provide support to the blind and disabled of Creative Disable Self Help Center and to encourage the new group in Chhahara to head towards self-sufficiency over time.

Thank you for your continued support enabling us to do this work for the children of Nepal.

Anne and Digby Hoyal

STOP PRESS. Aidan Adcock, careworker for ARC Disability Services in Cairns, said of his visit on the 13th March 2020 to Silom Childrens House

“Had a terrific day in Tansen today. Your adopted son, Arjun, welcomed me at Silom House and also took me to the disability house. A great pleasure to meet such amazing and inspiring people. A day I won't forget in a hurry.”