What We Do

We are a small organisation working directly with trusted local partners in the Palpa region of Western Nepal. We invest strategically in partner projects and provide direct assistance to reduce barriers to education and training, especially for girls. Our programs include:

  • Assisting poor families to continue their children’s education by directly supporting costs such as uniforms, books, board, fees and food.
  • Building and running purpose-built group homes for the care of children with disabilities and orphans, but where possible, supporting them with families.
  • Supporting about 80 people with disabilities in a purpose-built hostel forming a regional centre for disability care, allowing opportunities to engage in education and training.
  • Providing university and high school accommodation for students who would not otherwise be able to complete their schooling.
  • Supporting school and vocational education including at Tansen Nursing School and Bhushal Danda State School.
  • Facilitating micro-industries and peer training networks of skilled young people.

Feel free to download our information leaflet HERE

“Investing in girls’ education is one of the most effective ways to reduce poverty” (United Nations Population Fund)