How We Began

Dr Digby and Anne Hoyal lived and worked in Tansen Mission Hospital in Western Nepal for 5 years until 2004 as a doctor-nurse team, treating the poorest of the poor and training local medical staff. When they began carrying bags of rice to a family living under a sheet of tin at the hospital wall, they started a relationship which would develop into a warm extended ‘family’ from which Nepali Family Incorporated was born.

Prior to their return to North Queensland in 2004, the Hoyals began a charity to assist the most vulnerable in those communities. Built upon solid relationships, the charity has resolutely retained its small scale, preferring to achieve real successes at the local level rather than broad-scale handouts.

In full circle, some of the children supported by the charity in its early days now form the in-country support committee and are mentoring and building opportunities for the next generation.