Scottish school students comments on Tansen Mission Hospital

Bustling, busy, smelly, dirty, dusty, noisy, crowded, buying, selling, speedy, flowing, cheerful, standing-around, sprawling, always-going, always-waiting, stopping, starting, driving, staring, heart-pound, swirling, honk!, shaken, exposed, murky, greeting, smiling, hauling, screech!, chatting, eyes-open, ears-open, lungfuls of mmm and woah! and [cough], skipping, hand-in-hand, clinging, rattled, swerving, clunk!, dancing, singing, hollering, building, rebuilding, offering, seeking, up-at-dawn, winding, old, ancient, white-knuckle riding, new, colorful, plastered, crumbly, worn-out, polished, shiny, cracked, social…

"It hits you hard when you see a man crying openly in pain and desperation because he has a problem you don’t have the resources to fix."

"It makes your heart bleed to see a small child, only 5 years old, covered with burns over 40% of her body, especially when she cries in such fear and anticipation when she sees the doctor approaching. It renders you speechless when you see women quivering in hospital beds with devastating sari burns over the back of their legs."

"Or consider so many of the young men, women, and children wasting away because they simply can’t get enough food to eat at home. I mourn for the sufferings of these people, and it hurts to see them in such pain."

"Sometimes, there is no way out for them. In some cases, people are simply sent home to be with their families before they die because nothing more can be done for them.