Nirmala's story

Nirmala: my life story


Nirmala 17, in a new red sweater sent from the knitters of Cairns is preparing to apply for Law College, so she can join Anita(in pink) at Law School. They are helping cook for the team during the holidays while Arjun keeps an eye on them.

My name is Nirmala. I am 18 yrs old. I study in grade 12 and I am from Tansen, Palpa, Nepal. Here I am going to describe my life story. There were 10 members in my family. My parents were alcoholic. They used to drink a lot so their health condition wasn’t good. I have got many brothers and sisters.  My small brother's name is Deepak. He is 16 years old now. He was very sick in his childhood. There was no proper food, clothes and shelter to survive. Due to the drinking habit of my parents we didn’t get enough love and care so it was a very hard time in our childhood. One day we met uncle and auntie they were very kind and was helpful too. They brought food, clothes for us but my mom was bad and unkind. She doesn’t liked people helping so she threw all the food in the road and she scolded them very hard. I thought their heart was broken hardly. Even due to my mom bad habit uncle and auntie helped us very kindly. They searched my mom to inspire her but uncle and auntie didn’t find her because she was dead already. My small brother was very sick. There was no proper care and protection so his life condition wasn’t good so my father took us both in the hospital and my brother got admitted there. After that as I heard my father ran away from us . Even there was lack of my parent I didn’t get sad because there was uncle Digby and auntie Anne to support us. They gave good treatment to my brother and they heal him. They searched shelter for us and they provide us a small parents to take care for us and that day was the most rememberable day. I got family, shelter, food and education too. I don’t know more about my life but what I know is me and my brother is very lucky because we got everything even there wasn’t anything with us. I know we are chosen by lord from millions of people he has send uncle and aunt for us to show his love and care through uncle and aunt. We are very thankful to uncle and aunt for supporting us and also for our donors too. We have nothing to give but we can express our happiness and can show our best progress in our life. Thankyou